Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the Season!

While many of us will be enjoying extra treats this season, delicious chocolates, candy canes, sugar cookies, things that warm our heart and souls... the reality is, there will be many who will go without a meal each day. Do I say this to encourage guilt? No! We should enjoy this special season! BUT we should also understand the facts of the world we live in and ask ourselves how we can give back? What small things can we give up this holiday season to help make a large difference in someone else's life? When we fully understand how much we are capable of, we can excel and encourage others to do the same. Once you understand, you can't pretend you don't ;) That's a good thing!
If you're new to this blog, we've been grateful to feed 145 students at the CHETI school, located in Arusha, Tanzania (East Africa) for two years now.  These students are courageous, bright, and eager to learn!  They have such desire to be educated, to be happy and, most important, to be healthy.
It's been estimated that 38% of the children in this region under 5 years old are chronically malnourished. When we help provide food at school each day, it encourages the children to attend school, to focus and this helps them retain their lessons.  Our goal this year is to raise the funds to feed these students for all of 2012 before it even hits!  What can we sacrifice this season to make that happen?
In the spirit of the holidays and the importance of giving back, I promise to personally match every dollar that's donated toward their food up to $2,000.  You and I will do this together!

Keep in mind, all donations go directly toward the children's food as our non-profit, Global Empathy Now, is run by volunteers driven by a passion for change. 

All donations can be made safely and securely on our website
Below, you can see video footage to learn more about the school and our project. 

Take a look at the Global Empathy Now site for more information. We appreciate you to no end. These children have been successfully fed for 2 years because of compassionate people like yourself! Let's you and I make year 3 another success!!   Thank you SO much and God bless!

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